Clenbuterol In Hollywood

They are the low-carb, high-protein detox or a juice fast, they see this great new diet guru, they are working out;. Or they’re really busy

we have heard it all before. But in recent months smokescreen shielding the secret world of celebrity slimming has started to rise. It is openly acknowledged that Hollywood is in the grip of a phenomenon.

“Trainers like me laugh funny to listen to celebrities talk about their diet and exercise routine,” says Jackie Warner, owner of Sky Sport & Spa in Beverly Hills.

“If you want to get your body seriously skinny in three weeks, it will be difficult the natural way .”

, but there is nothing natural about Celeb-land on the latest trend to be uber-tiny that has seen some of the world’s highest profile women reduced to less than 40 pounds.

poster girls for this scrawny silhouette as Victoria Beckham, photographed at the recent fashion shows looking painfully gaunt, while in the U.S., the package is led by Nicole Richie, Lindsay Lohan, Mischa Barton and now Kate Bosworth, seen this week looking skeletal at the dazed and confused party in New York.

share the characteristics of severe malnutrition? chicken wing arms, deflated, sagging breasts and protruding hip and chest bones.

and three of them are “Zoe-bots”, clients, super-stylist Rachel Zoe.

Pin thin herself, she advocated the boho blonde, big sunglasses look in Los Angeles and masterminds the wardrobes of Hollywood hot property she refers to as “my girls’.

Many believe that Zoe who is behind the emaciated look. But it was accusations that she was quick squash.

“I do not think it’s fair to say that I am responsible because I am a slim person, or that because I’m influencing their style I’m influencing what they eat,” she says.

“There was this crazy rumor I buy clenbuterol online directly from the UK, and distributed them I was like :..?” OK, I’ve never even tried cocaine, I do not do drugs I have too much control freak. “”

However, despite the denials, fellow stylists believe the image Zoe creates a catalyst for a new craze that sees many actresses resorting to clenbuterol, in an attempt to stay slim.

“Now everyone in Hollywood thinks they look fat, every photo shoot turns into a therapy session,” says one stylist.

Another adds: “If I had 20 samples and 15 are too small for the client, it needs a strong sense of themselves do not get caught up in it Everywhere in LA there’s someone slimmer, tanner, Blonder ..” In fact, someone gave Zoe treatment. Jackie Warner and fellow LA trainer Chad Mouton say more and more women using the drug clenbuterol, to slim down ridiculously quickly.

, but there are also purchased for private use is not illegal and ‘clen’, as is known, frighteningly easy to buy over the internet. It was first used by bodybuilders who discovered it can burn fat and increase muscle mass.

“This is a long-acting agent that increases body temperature and heart rate, which helps to burn fat, even when the user is not exercising,” says John McVeigh, an expert on clenbuterol use.

The reason for his ability to build muscle, however, is not fully understood, says Harrison Pope, a Harvard psychiatrist who has researched clenbuterol from the eighties.

But despite the dizziness, the ladies who lunch, not getting it from their trainers, who sell it as a ‘safe’ alternative to steroids. “In looks-obsessed LA, the appeal clenbuterol women is obvious,” says Professor Charles Yesalis, head of sports science at Pensylvannia State University.

“It is shortsighted, but they see it as a quick fix that lean, toned body of popular actresses and models.” Brooke Hailey, LA New Eating Disorder Center, agrees. “I see more and more patients with bundles disordered behavior: overexercising, over-zealous exclusion of certain foods, the use of anti-anxiety drugs to control appetite – it is culture and it is very, very accepted.” Clenbuterol is a drug that’s finding its way into the cocktail mix of cocaine, smoking, diet and cleansing that many actresses rely on to curb their hunger.

Introduced a decade ago as a prescription drug for the treatment, its main side effect is weight loss because it suppresses the appetite for up to nine hours.

“For the jet-setting, hardpartying, over an extended girl, who is, of course, deals with her ​​character, Buy Clenbuterol has become the miracle pill.

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